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Join us in saying CONGRATULATIONS to Kathy Anderson and the rest of our Eklektik Design team! Recently, we submitted photos of an Eklektik kitchen and bath design (pictured in this post) to the Ferguson/Kohler/Thermador 2013 Design Competition… and we won in several categories!

Below is a list of the categories our submission won, as well as a description of that category. 

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Because we won “Best of the Best”, our project will be featured in Houston Design Resources 2014 Spring issue.  If you aren’t already subscribed to Houston Design Resources magazine, make sure you pick up their spring issue!

We feel lucky to be working with the best interior designers and decorators. An Eklektik Interiors design will always be reflective of the homeowner and not the designer. All we do as designers is help you discover your signature style. If you can dream it, we can bring it to life! Don’t delay homeowner happiness any longer. Speak with one of our award-winning designers. 



Video Home Tours | Modern Interior Design

We understand that coming to the decision of whether or not to use an interior designer can be complicated and stressful. That is why we strive for transparency in our designer-homeowner relationships. Clarity, especially in communication, is key to your home happiness. It is important to feel comfortable with and to know your designer!

To get to know us better, we’re hoping you’ll take a look at our home video tours. An idea or two may even spark for your dream interiors.

Get an inside look at one of our latest home interior projects, completed by Stephanie Vaughan and Kathy Anderson, in downtown Houston’s Montrose area.

A young couple came to us at Eklektik Interiors looking for a timeless look in their brand new home. We focused on the chair fabric they had chosen, working around that for color and texture in their open concept Montrose town home.  The golden yellow and earth tones highlight the dark wood floors and bring charm and elegance to their first home.  We softened the large balcony window with solar shades and a fabulous color blocked panel flanking a significant cornice above.  The end result was a success because they loved it. Congratulations Matt and Margaret!

Contact us today to just talk about plans you have for your home. We want you to be prepared and educated, so don’t be shy to ask us your questions. Call today!

I'm Dreaming of an Eklektik Christmas


We are a week away from the big day! The day we spend months shopping, decorating and preparing for… Christmas! It’s easy to get caught up in the craziness of life that sometimes we think, “Where has this month gone?” If this is you, and you’re still trying to put the finishing touches on your home Christmas decor, we hope you will think to come to Eklektik!

Every year we pride ourselves on supplying some of the best quality Christmas decorations and accessories. Trust me when I say, a little bit of high quality product from Eklektik goes a long way. For example, here is a bansiter in a small apartment that is decorated with product from Eklektik Interiors. Would you believe that the garland is just one piece? Nothing added – how easy is that?

Beautiful products at a quality matched by few is what we strive to have at all times on our showroom floor. It helps us keep things simple and sophisticated, which is so refreshing at this time of year!

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Here’s a peek at some other goodies you’ll be able to find under the Eklektik Christmas tree! Keep in mind, our Christmas is now 60% off.

This beautiful tree was decorated by our favorite, Nann Pettey! She is so amazing!

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Metallic frosted poinsettias and pineconesinterior-designer, decorator, Christmas

Gemstone twig picks
interior-designer, decorator, Christmas

Gemstone twig picks and Gold glittered leaf picksinterior-designer, decorator, Christmas


5 foot iced tallow berry garlandinterior-designer, decorator, Christmas


Icicles and Bells berry garlandinterior-designer, decorator, Christmas

interior-designer, decorator, Christmas

Chandelier with cedar willowinterior-designer, decorator, Christmas

If you’re looking for ideas for this year or want to do something new for the next, come pay us a visit!

Happy Holidays, y’all!

Make Your Home Magical

What’s the first thing I think about when I hear “holidays”?  Besides delicious food, I think of being HOME.  There’s nothing quite like the coziness of a warm fire, some hot cocoa and the twinkling lights of a Christmas tree.  This is one of the few times during the year where we are encouraged to enjoy the great indoors! 

We want the spark of holiday magic to be ignited not only within each of us, but within our homes.  Use interior design to make your home magical and to create a place where memories are made and traditions are kept.  

In order to help you bring out the magic of your home, all of Eklektik’s Christmas merchandise is marked at 40% off.  During this season, let holiday cheer and the Christmas spirit ring through your home!

We would also like to thank each of you for your support and friendship through the years.  We’ve been blessed to be surrounded by many great friends, clients and co-workers.  As a “gift” and token of our appreciation, we’d like to offer you 50% off your entire purchase for one day, December 20.  We hope you accept this gift and know how grateful we are to all of you!


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Get to Know Our Designers

We have a few new members on our dynamic interior design team! For the next few months we’ll be featuring each of our new designers on Eklektik’s blog. We believe designer-client relationships are vital to homeowner happiness. Get to know our interior designers by hearing from them here!

First up, we introduce you to Stephanie Vaughan

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interior-designer interior-designer

Hello my name is Stephanie Vaughan. I am a single Mom of two beautiful, talented and artistic daughters.  One is in college and the other is in 4th grade. I am an artist, interior designer, cyclist, yogi and obsessed with tango dancing. I love spending time outdoors riding my road bike or indoors in a hot yoga studio on my mat. My favorite time of the year is fall, I love the colors and the smells of the holiday season and especially the weather. Living in Houston, we don’t have many days in the year to enjoy wearing our cozy sweaters and boots.



I grew up in Beaumont, Texas in a blue collar family with a younger sister. Although I have always been an artist, I didn’t really embrace this facet of myself until my 30’s. I had the awesome opportunity to live on a sailboat for about 4 years travelling the Bahamas and the Caribbean where I took a break for about a year in Puerto Rico. Eventually, I traveled back north to the Abacos, Bahamas where I designed and built my first house. It was quite thrilling to do this on a remote out island in a foreign country where just about everything had to be shipped over from the states then ferried over from the main island. While I lived there I also created artwork from found objects on the beaches and sold them to many global island visitors.


When I moved back to the states, I accidentally wound up in the information technology field. I excelled as a network administrator and enjoyed a management position with an international nutraceutical company, but my passion always lead me to the more creative side of even this. I taught myself how to make websites and graphic software as well as Microsoft Office applications when they were so very new to the world. This experience helped me tremendously in school recently where I earned my first degree as an interior designer. Having a proficient understanding of how computers work and the applications that work with them is proving to be very beneficial to the world of design.


A few years ago I built another house here in Houston. Having more options and selections available to build my dream home was almost overwhelming. However, being able to maintain the integrity of the vision and the quality of finishes for the final product wasn’t that difficult for me. It gave me even more validation and insight into my true purpose and vocation, hence a career in design.

Now I am working with an exciting and chaotic crew of talented women at Eklektik Interiors in Houston, Texas where my days are filled with ideas, creativity, solutions and gratification. I consider myself lucky to have finally found my path in life and that it includes this fast paced roller coaster ride with Eklektik.


“Creating an experience within a dwelling, whether it be a residential home or commercial business space, is the main focus of my design process. By using techniques such as visual mapping, lean design strategies and thorough client programming, a total living experience is accomplished through design. The unfolding of the design comes through an organic relationship between client and designer and it is one that will last a lifetime.” -Stephanie


Using Technology in Bathroom Remodels

Technology Improvements are Luxurious

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Home improvement, renovation and remodeling can all be fairly expensive and time consuming projects. There are many ways, some more notable than others, in which we can develop our home that will improve our lifestyle and home value.

In the past, the bathroom  was a small, bog-like standard room, excuse the pun. It was renowned for being one of the last places homeowners would renovate, but that is no longer the case. The bathroom is becoming a highly valued part of the home. Because of this, more homeowners are making improvements to their bathroom décor, accessories and appliances.

Nowadays, many improve or renovate their bathrooms for relaxation and hygiene purposes. We can do this in several ways, but today I wish to discuss a few appliances in the modern era that I love and some gorgeous accessories too.

High-tech bathroom appliances

The bathroom was once a place with a simple function: to aid our physical needs and our personal hygiene. The changes are massive in the modern era! Baths have changed from a necessity to a luxury with master baths having spa-like feels to them. Our demand for relaxation and entertainment has been increased too. Today, it’s not unusual to find a TV mounted in a bathroom. If you’re looking to amp up the luxury, considering adding customized technology to your bathroom such as televisions and high-tech showers.

High-tech customized showers

Technology in the home is something that is being developed all the time, especially for the bathroom. One of the main appliances that has experienced remarkable upgrades has got to be the shower. Gone are the days when we have to struggle to find the right temperature. Now high-tech showers are being introduced into the industry that not only allow us to digitally control our temperature gauge but to also adjust the water volume and massage settings within the shower.

The American company, Kohler, was one of the first to bring out a ‘DTV Custom Showering Experience’. The concept was created to “wrap water, sound, light and steam together in a seamless and totally customized style”.

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Incorporating a television into your bathroom

Televisions can be placed almost anywhere nowadays and that includes in the bathroom. Can you think of anything more relaxing than turning down the lights, lighting a few candles and relaxing in a warm bubbly bath while watching your favourite TV shows?

There are a few different ways in which you can incorporate a TV into your bathroom:

    • Buying a stand alone TV which can be mounted onto a wall at the perfect eye line for your relaxation.
    • Adding a television to your medicine cabinet. This option adds more storage space while supplying you a clever place for your TV.
    • Television mirrors, add you TV into your vanity mirror… It’s a design lover’s haven.

Design company, Seura, have created a product which enhances lamination to create a television and mirror. Simply mind blowing!

bathroom, remodeling, ideas, renovation, remodel

If you are wondering how the bathroom can become even more futuristic, then take a look at this brilliant article from doornob.com.

Bathroom accessories

Accessories are a much more affordable way to renovate your bathroom or, for that matter, any room in your home. I see so many homes with bathrooms that look outdated because of the small things, such as towels, bath mats and hardware.

Buying some new, bold or colorful towels is a perfect way to refresh the look of your bathroom. You can change the style of your room through more of these cost effective changes such as:

  • Replacing an old bathroom mat
  • Adding a fresh flowers with a contemporary vase
  • Re-grouting your bathroom tiles
  • Repainting or refinishing bathroom cabinets
  • Replacing cabinet hardware and doors with new hinges and dampers

All of the above changes to accessories in your bathroom will have a simple, yet positive effect. Not only will you notice a difference, but so will family members and any guests you may have in your home.

About the author: Ryan Hirst is the online marketing and media assistant at Eurofit Direct, they are an online office furniture fittings and kitchen fittings supplier to the UK with a hand in DIY and home improvement. 


Beauty By Nature

We strive to bring a unique blend of styles to our designs that are inspired by exciting looks and our travels to the most interesting locales in the world.  International flair is definitely one of our strengths and we feel that appreciating cultural beauty is vital to mastering interior design.  Added to that, we demand the highest quality workmanship and materials that will endure and provide you, our clients, with satisfaction and memories for generations.  In more basic terms, if we love it you can guarantee it’s a good product!

It is no secret then that we love traveling the world to find unique pieces. However, we didn’t have to go far to find this spectacular Pacific Green living room piece at market — it came to us.  We are so excited that it is now on our showroom floor.  Imagine the most comfortable seat that has ever touched your tush and multiple it by 1 million — that is how heavenly this chair is!  I imagine this is God’s throne.  Am I exaggerating?  You will just have to come by and test it out for yourself.

living, room, interior, designer

Let us introduce you to the genius behind Pacific Green.  Since the ’70s they have been ambassadors for responsible design and manufacturing.  In their efforts to find a sustainable replacement for forest timber in furniture design, they discovered the durability of coconut palm trees and the world’s first factory dedicated to coconut palm was born in Fiji.  They continue to educate on and promote cultural and environmental awareness, all while endorsing beauty and sophistication.

To learn more about their story and products visit Pacific Green.

Being eco-friendly and “going green” has been a higher priority for many homeowners.  If you’re not sure where to begin on your journey to save the planet, let us be your guide.  Our designers are highly qualified to advise you on interior design decisions, big or small, that can turn your home from mean to green.  Be a superhero and contact us!

Move vs. Remodel: Where's the Greater Investment?

It’s no secret that the real estate market nationwide is not what it used to be. Home values continue to remain at a level not seen since the early 1980’s. As a result, many homeowners find themselves investing in renovating and remodeling their current homes rather than putting them on the market.

Despite the economy being down, the design world is up due to the existing real estate condition. Opting to increase equity in their homes, Eklektik Interior’s design clients understand the value of personal and ‘signature’ interior improvements. Our designers work with homeowners all over the globe from Kona, Tahoe and Costa Rica—within the Houston area from Memorial , Tanglewood, River Oaks, The Heights, The Woodlands, Rock Creek, Spring, Magnolia, Sugarland, Conroe and even Huntsville.

bathroom, renovations, remodels
Master Bathroom Before Remodels

Regardless of where you live, remodeling is a smart and economically safe choice. Not only will you find yourself avoiding the possibility of two mortgages – with your old home and new home – but remodeling will raise the value of your home benefiting you in a later competitive market. The greatest benefit will be a beautifully upgraded and personalized home for you and your family to enjoy!

bathroom, renovations, remodel, ideas
Master Bathroom After Remodels

We recommend a kitchen and bathroom remodel to maximize your return on investment. Older homes can be updated by opening up floor plans and lightened up with updated colors and design. Our Free Design Fridays, held the 4th Friday of each month, is a perfect opportunity for you to discuss your dream home with our experienced designers. Call today to book your 30-minute complimentary design consultation.

Hear It From Our Clients!

Gloria is an assiduous business owner living in the Woodlands area. She was gracious enough to review her experience of working with Eklektik Interiors.

We come to love all of our clients. Everyone has their own distinctiveness and individuality that makes them special. Our goal is to help all of our clients be successful in outwardly expressing, through home design, their character and personality.

Let us help you through this process, which can oftentimes be stressful. With our help, we promise to give you a finished product that you will love without having to wrestle with stress and headaches. We promise that decorating your home can actually be fun! 🙂

Contact us today to just talk about plans you have for your home. We want you to be prepared and educated, so don’t be shy to ask us your questions. Call today!