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10 Fun, Easy and Affordable Projects!

I’m sure you all have realized that this summer season is fast approaching… although it feels as if we’re already there. School’s almost out and the heat/humidity combo are already bordering on the 100 degree marker. You might have a whole list of places to go and things to do with your friends and family, or maybe you have these few summer months to focus on the home front. Either way, the summer season is.
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The Best Elements For Your Outdoor Living Space

Hello Everyone! In preparation for the warm season, we want to share some high dollar advice for free on how to make your outdoor living space comfortable, affordable and durable.  The outdoor living space has become the hottest space to design. People are ‘staycationing’ and enjoying their own backyards. You too can have your own special haven. As with any area… make a plan! Choose wisely, choose quality, and more importantly… HAVE FUN!!! OUTDOOR SPACES Creating a new.
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Personalize A Favorite Look

I have been to two markets and one great ‘product knowledge’ trip that has kept me going. I am eager to share with you some of the wonderful things I have seen and some observations about interior design that I’ve made. First, the markets! I have noticed for new design trends that COLOR is making a great comeback. The fact is that Restoration Hardware has really had a major impact on design. I can’t tell you.
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