Island Bathroom Design

The homeowner wanted plenty of light for the vanity in the master bathroom, so cable lighting was installed in a unique vertical pattern.



The shower features works of art in the tile for an extraordinary paradise island twist in the bathroom design.



Unique to the master bathroom design is an indoor-outdoor shower. Black rock and black crushed glass were used on the floor to artistically represent a lava flow one would find on the Big Island.


The pedestal for the sink in the bathroom, or powder room, was custom made from the wood of a plant that is the first new life to show after volcanic activity. Using unique material from the island, and other one-of-a-kind designs such as this, make a home so much more personal and special.


Tiles filling every wall in this bathroom design serve as a work of art. They were designed to create an illusion of standing in the middle of a bamboo forest. This is truly an unusual, but outstanding way to display art in this island style powder room.



A unique hand-thrown Japanese soaking tub in the master bathroom invites you to soak away in pure island luxury.