Interior Design Style: Eclectic

Whether you’re an interior design client or searching for a piece on Eklektik’s showroom floor, a question you will be asked is, “What is your style?” Some know exactly what interior design style they are looking for, while others are not sure where to begin. And it’s perfectly ok not to know – that’s why we’re here to help guide you in your design experience.

On our blog, we will be featuring different styles on our Design Style Series. We’ll help you define each style and become more familiar with the design terms. Also, we’ll help introduce and guide you toward the style that creatively expresses your individuality.

The design styles will be in no particular order, but the first one we’ll touch on is ECLECTIC. This is the style from which Eklektik Interiors derives its namesake and it’s a good style to start this series because so many people have an eclectic style… without even realizing it. For example, you might lean toward one style, like traditional, modern, or rustic, but find yourself throwing in complementary, yet contrasting, elements to break up the overall look of the room. That’s eclectic, and it gives your home an appealing variety versus having too much of one look – making the room seem matchy-matchy or dull.

The word “eclectic” means “the best of various styles.” So, to have an eclectic-style home you would blend furniture styles, colors, line, etc. But, contrary to common belief, being eclectic is not just throwing a hodgepodge of things together in a room and hoping for the best – actually, it’s quite the opposite. The art of having an eclectic style is finding such as, line, texture, color, pattern, finish, or shape. There needs to be a consistent element to tie everything in the room together harmoniously so the room makes sense. For example, one popular theme used in many eclectic rooms is CONTRAST in material, colors, and finishes.

Other eclectic elements might include:

• Neutral background color palettes
• Antiques (used in moderation)!
• Unique, one of a kind items
• Pieces from around the world or from world travels
• Traditional and Modern elements joined together
• Distressed surfaces combined with refined surfaces

The eclectic style is a sure way to capture your unique look. When it’s done right, it creates an interesting and beautiful living environment!

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