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We have a few new members on our dynamic interior design team! For the next few months we’ll be featuring each of our new designers on Eklektik’s blog. We believe designer-client relationships are vital to homeowner happiness. Get to know our interior designers by hearing from them here!

First up, we introduce you to Stephanie Vaughan

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Hello my name is Stephanie Vaughan. I am a single Mom of two beautiful, talented and artistic daughters.  One is in college and the other is in 4th grade. I am an artist, interior designer, cyclist, yogi and obsessed with tango dancing. I love spending time outdoors riding my road bike or indoors in a hot yoga studio on my mat. My favorite time of the year is fall, I love the colors and the smells of the holiday season and especially the weather. Living in Houston, we don’t have many days in the year to enjoy wearing our cozy sweaters and boots.



I grew up in Beaumont, Texas in a blue collar family with a younger sister. Although I have always been an artist, I didn’t really embrace this facet of myself until my 30’s. I had the awesome opportunity to live on a sailboat for about 4 years travelling the Bahamas and the Caribbean where I took a break for about a year in Puerto Rico. Eventually, I traveled back north to the Abacos, Bahamas where I designed and built my first house. It was quite thrilling to do this on a remote out island in a foreign country where just about everything had to be shipped over from the states then ferried over from the main island. While I lived there I also created artwork from found objects on the beaches and sold them to many global island visitors.


When I moved back to the states, I accidentally wound up in the information technology field. I excelled as a network administrator and enjoyed a management position with an international nutraceutical company, but my passion always lead me to the more creative side of even this. I taught myself how to make websites and graphic software as well as Microsoft Office applications when they were so very new to the world. This experience helped me tremendously in school recently where I earned my first degree as an interior designer. Having a proficient understanding of how computers work and the applications that work with them is proving to be very beneficial to the world of design.


A few years ago I built another house here in Houston. Having more options and selections available to build my dream home was almost overwhelming. However, being able to maintain the integrity of the vision and the quality of finishes for the final product wasn’t that difficult for me. It gave me even more validation and insight into my true purpose and vocation, hence a career in design.

Now I am working with an exciting and chaotic crew of talented women at Eklektik Interiors in Houston, Texas where my days are filled with ideas, creativity, solutions and gratification. I consider myself lucky to have finally found my path in life and that it includes this fast paced roller coaster ride with Eklektik.


“Creating an experience within a dwelling, whether it be a residential home or commercial business space, is the main focus of my design process. By using techniques such as visual mapping, lean design strategies and thorough client programming, a total living experience is accomplished through design. The unfolding of the design comes through an organic relationship between client and designer and it is one that will last a lifetime.” -Stephanie


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