Designer Home Video Tours

How many of us know exactly which style will be best for us and our home? There’s not a single person that can be defined by just one interior design style. We are all so different. There is beauty in being ECLECTIC! Finding the perfect blend of styles that makes the design uniquely ours is what the design process with Eklektik Interiors is all about.

Our goal is to provide all the information you need to decide what’s best for you. What are the benefits of using a designer? Can I trust my designer to stay within budget? What styles do I want to display in my home? What do I love about one style? What do I hate about another? Asking yourself these questions and more will ensure satisfaction with your completed design project. We’ve also created these home video tours to help you answer those questions. Get ideas for your own space while getting to know us better. Communication, trust and transparency between homeowner and designer is key to building and designing a home made just for you!


A Sophisticated Glam Loft in the Woodlands


A Modern Townhome in Montrose