10 Fun, Easy and Affordable Projects!

I’m sure you all have realized that this summer season is fast approaching… although it feels as if we’re already there. School’s almost out and the heat/humidity combo are already bordering on the 100 degree marker. You might have a whole list of places to go and things to do with your friends and family, or maybe you have these few summer months to focus on the home front. Either way, the summer season is a great time to go forward with some of the projects around the house you’ve wanted to tackle. Here are 10 Fun, Easy, and Affordable summer projects to think about:

1. Paint a room in the house: kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, or even the laundry room! Paint is the cheapest thing you can invest in to make a dramatic difference in a room. Maybe your walls are all white or they’re dark and drab – pick a color that’s light, bright, and inviting (it doesn’t have to be anything crazy… but it certainly can be if you’re up for it)! Some colors that are all over the design world are warm gray tones, any shade of blue, purple hues, soft, silvery-greens, and even some fun, bright oranges!

2. Make a framed fabric collage. Have a wall you’re not sure what to do with or it’s been the same way for years and you’re ready for a change? A fun and affordable way for a fresh and simple look is to pick three or four coordinating fabrics, frame them, and hang them in a simplistic grouping. The great part about this project is that the fabrics you choose will make this a unique expression. You can go for a cleaner look by putting them all in simple frames and then hanging them in rows, or if you want to do something a little funkier get some different shaped frames and hang them randomly – not too random – and it’ll give the room a brand new look!
 (TIP: if you have trouble in this area, that’s ok – ask a professional or sales associate to choose what fabrics go best together.)

3. Refinish an old piece of furniture. Now, depending on if it was your grandma’s collectible China cabinet or if it’s one of the kids’ older bedroom sets will determine how and what you choose to do with it. Maybe it’s a honey-colored wood and you’d like it in a darker finish – you have a couple options, you can either sand it down (which is a little strenuous) or you can buy a product at your local hardware store that you can spray on and it takes the finish off. You can also opt to paint your piece, as well. The look now, which was all over this last Market, is the high-lacquered, extremely bright colored furniture; for example: electric blues, oranges, pinks, yellows, or stark white. Go a little crazy with this project (not with Grandma’s heirloom pieces though… unless you’re up for it), just make sure to use a high gloss finish in whatever paint color you choose to achieve that high-lacquered look. If you’re unsure about refinishing or painting any of your furniture, a good starting point is to find new knobs or handles for the piece first. Any little change can be good!

4. Rearrange a room. Rearranging furniture can breathe new life into a room and completely change the perspective. You might even try bringing in other pieces from different rooms in the house to see how they look in another setting. It’ll be like you bought all new furniture without even opening up the checkbook! Add some fun to the project by doing a little research on feng shui (the ancient Chinese practice of creating harmonious surroundings) before you get started and go for it! And, the best part about this project is that well, it’s free, and secondly, if you don’t like it, you can always put it back the way you had it.

Accessories and color can transform a space!

Accessories and color can transform a space!

5. Find a bright, fun outdoor rug for your outdoor kitchen or patio area. Luckily for us, outdoor entertaining has caused quite a few things for the inside of the home to make their way on outside – like great area rugs! There are specific rugs that are made for the outdoors so you don’t have to worry about rolling them up and storing them if a summer rain hits. They’re low maintenance and they’ll bring new character to your outdoor space!

6. Install new hardware on your kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. You’ll be surprised what changing the handles on your cabinets will do to the overall look of the room. Your guests will ask if you bought all new cabinets– it will look as if you did, but again without digging into your savings over it.

7. Replace the accent pillows on your sofa and chairs. This is another small thing you can do to save money while giving a fresh look to the big pieces you already own. Find a fun fabric with a completely new color scheme to update an older sofa or chair! Sometimes it’s the small touches that make the biggest difference.

8. Replace your shower curtains. Shower curtains aren’t made to last forever, so don’t leave them there as if they were. Just like with any other curtains you may have in your home, there are some looks that really worked 10-15 years ago that don’t look so hot anymore. A simple shower curtain is a quick and easy fix to your bathrooms without breaking the bank. You’ll be glad you did (and so will your guests)!

9. Find a new coverlet or duvet cover for your bedding. After all, it is summertime and the last thing you need is some hot and heavy comforter to keep you warm during the night. A coverlet or duvet cover is great to have during the warmer seasons while allowing you to choose something brighter to change and lighten up your room’s color palette. Plus, you won’t have to crank down you’re A/C unit just to keep you cooler at night.

10. Last but not least…. DECLUTTER! The look now is more clean-line, simplistic, and LESS CLUTTERED. It’s not a personal contest to see how many knick-knacks or accessories you can fit onto one shelving space. Focus on some of your larger items or statement pieces and let them stand out. Less clutter also goes for your closet spaces, too. Once you declutter your house you’ll feel like you can breathe again – plus it’s less to dust and clean!
(TIP: All of the things you go through and decide you’re ready to part with, take them to the nearest donation center, like NAM, and help give back to the community! Your house will feel much more livable and you’ll be helping some other family in need!)

I hope these tips give you a good starting point for the summer ahead! Fortunately most of them are pretty harmless, fun, and won’t break the bank! And, if you are feeling like your home does need a little updating but you’re not quite sure what to do, visit Eklektik Interiors to get inspired! We have ladies, including interior designers, come in all the time to get new ideas on how to redo a room or to see what’s in. The answer isn’t always to buy all new furniture. If you’re not sure, ask one of our interior designers about some easy ways to freshen up the overall look of your outdated room. Most importantly, be unique, personal, and fun with what you choose – it’s your space!

We hope you have a great summer!

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