Traditional Living Room Design

This living room design is 100% traditional. Our client knew from the start that she wanted a very traditional home, inducing feelings of warmth and comfort. This homeowner loves to entertain family and friends and wanted the living room space to accommodate their social life. Because of this, all surfaces and fabrics are entertaining proof!


This area is designed to serve as a study and living room. The traditional design is carried out through many of the elements and accessories of the room. All counter-tops in the study are solid wood, made from spalted sycamore, allowing warmth to permeate this space.


Traditional with glamour is the theme for this living room in the Waterway in The Woodlands. This living room design allows the client to feel comfortable and pampered when she comes home, which is just what she wanted! The mix of treasured antiques and great traditional pieces throughout the living room allow for great self-expression. She loves the ‘bling’, so mirrors and metallic finishes were incorporated.