Tuscan/Mediterranean Living Room Design

The homeowners wanted the home to be comfortable and livable for a family with young children living in the 21st century. The furniture in the living room had to be modern without clashing with the aged Tuscan look that dominates most of the house. Our ideas strived for an achieved clean and comfortable look, especially in the living room.



To give light to the beams in the living room, we chose an airy chandelier, which helps onlookers gauge the size of the beams but also appreciate their aged and attractive appeal.



Reclaimed wood from old farmhouses, churches, and warehouses was used extensively to create the rustic Tuscan design. The living room has two huge beams that are 200-years-old.


This spacious Tuscan inspired living room, or game room, design includes a kitchen, seating area, pool table, game table, and shuffleboard. It also has its own furnished deck area. The light over the pool table was custom made from an inverted feeding trough – just another design idea that makes this house so unique!



Reclaimed wood can also be found in the flooring, ceiling beams, kitchen peninsula, and even picture frames of this Tuscan living room, or game room. The wood had to be hand scraped, custom-shaped, and installed piece-by-piece.