Home Automation Simplifies Your Life!

With one touch of a button, the movie starts, your shades close and the surround sound kicks in at the perfect volume. When the sun goes down, your porch light goes on. And the whole house automatically locks at 11 pm. Do you ever have one of those mornings where you rush out of the house and later wonder, “Did I close the garage door?” Now you can just check from your phone and relax. I know this sounds like something you only see in movies, right? Well, these are possibilities of incorporating technology in your home design!

SES (Sound Entertainment Solutions), based out of Houston, TX, specializes in simplifying your home entertainment systems as well as transforming your home into a “smart” one. With technology changing in what seems like every 5 minutes, it can be a little intimidating to want to keep up with the “Technological Revolution”. However, my eyes were opened after learning the possibilities SES provides in making life easier.

What SES offers is home control via Control4. Control4 is a simple and affordable way to intelligently control virtually any device within your home – TVs, thermostats, door locks, DVRs, lighting, security, etc. What’s great about this system is that it’s one easy-to-use interface that can be activated no matter where you are, even away from home. This home control system is easy to install with no major construction required and it’s compatible with newer AND older homes. SES sets up the system to use right from a TV, touch screen (iPhone, Android, iPad, etc.), or a remote control. The average U.S. home has 46 electronic devices – by installing Control4 you reduce that to one device controlling all of them!

Here’s an overview of what SES can do for you and your home:

HOME THEATER – simplify your audio, video, and home-theater components with one remote control.

MULTI-ROOM MUSIC – Play music from almost any format, in any room, any time.

LIGHTING – save energy and enjoy the perfect ambiance in every room.

ENERGY (EFFICIENCY) – Control4 makes it easy to go green and improve your lifestyle. From smart dimmers to intelligent thermostats, pre-set configurations let you just set it once and forget it. You’ll be making a positive impact on the environment – and your wallet. Monitor and manage your energy use on a TV or touch screen. See real-time usage, plus current costs, projected monthly costs, and kilowatt consumption.

MOBILE ACCESS – enjoy control from anywhere – online or on your smart phone. So, whether you’re home or away, you can monitor and control lighting, temperature, music, video, security, web cameras, and more.

SECURITY – experience peace of mind with features that enhance your home security.

If you’re curious to see how these control panels and remotes operate, come into Eklektik Interiors. The guys from SES installed a few elements of their system here at Eklektik to show how simple and easy it is to control your home from one remote! Also, feel free to check out their website: http://www.seshd.com

Have a great week!

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