Make Your Home Your Masterpiece!

  • Prepare your home for remodel or basic design updates
  • Develop a plan reflective of your lifestyle and interests
  • Control the beauty, comfort and functionality of all design elements
  • Make your home aesthetically appealing and a place of relaxation

How We Make Your Design Dreams A Reality

Provide you with an understanding of the design process

educateStaying informed from start to finish of your design plans is key to getting the best quality at the best cost.  We are your advocates and will help you clearly communicate what you want to contractors and artisans. We will also keep you in the know through every step of the process. We truly believe that an educated homeowner is a happy homeowner!

Plan and monitor a realistic budget

Planning and sticking to a budget can be the most daunting task in a home renovation.  We don’t want you to feel afraid or apprehensive about establishing a budget that fits your financial situation.  Together we will create a plan, and make adjustments when needed, that will help you stay worry-free and under balance.

Our goal is to build confidence that you can maintain a realistic budget for a beautiful design.  Through it all, we promise to work hard to stretch every dollar without compromising quality.

Focus on personalizing your space

Traditional-Dining-Room-designWe believe that your home should reflect who you are and your lifestyle. The design of your home should be as unique as your signature. We listen to and strive to incorporate every request made by our homeowners. By building a relationship with you, we will help identify how to best represent the things you love and need in your interior design.

Our team of designers is filled with dynamic and dedicated professionals who are as eclectic as our name.  Kathy Anderson, owner and principal designer of Eklektik, has won awards for ‘Best Outdoor Living’ and ‘Best Green Design’ in the ASID Gulf Coast Chapter.

From conception to completion, Eklektik Interiors meets the design needs of each client at whatever level you desire.  Some clients request that we design their entire space, even from the ground up, while others prefer that we update or remodel only one area.  Whatever the need, we are happy to help you find the perfect look for your home and solidify that into a finalized project.

We strive to make the design process enjoyable.  We value the opinions of our clients and have found that communication is vital to a completely successful design project.  Our designers take great care to listen to each request and comment made by the client to help you identify what you love and need in any space.  We then do our homework, travel the globe, and search for elements like fabric and lighting that will set your design apart from any other.

You are the most important person in the design process and you deserve the highest quality of service.  Our priority is personalizing each home to reflect the homeowner and not the designer.  We spend long hours searching for that one fabric or one piece that will make the design truly yours!  We strive to make each concept an award winning design with a uniqueness that is specific to you, the homeowner.

A home remodel or design update can be costly.  Whether you’re tackling minor or major design and renovation projects, a designer will save you from making very expensive mistakes.  That is why we always say, “You can’t afford to not have a designer!”  From choosing a contractor and writing a contract to picking out tile and cabinets, we are your advocate and will guide you to make decisions that benefit you.  We want you to love the quality of your home, but at a price that is reasonable and under budget.

Take a moment to consider the interior and exterior of your current space.  Does it have all the elements you would want in a home?  Through the design services offered by Eklektik, we know you will love the completed project.

If you’ve been on the fence about starting any design update or remodeling in your home, take this opportunity to speak with one of our designers.  Call now to set up an interior design consultation.  We are ready to discuss any hesitation you may have and help you feel confident about moving forward with a design plan.

Let’s get together and create the masterpiece that is your home!

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