Kathy Anderson – Registered Interior Designer, Allied ASID, Award Winning Designer

Kathy AndersonKathy is the principal designer and owner of Eklektik Interiors and brings a broad perspective and exclusiveness to her interior designs. Inspired by world travels, Kathy focuses on creating a personal design that is timeless. With extensive residential as well as commercial experience, Kathy has found that a vital key to truly successful interior design projects is communication. She believes the design process should be an enjoyable one. By helping her clients better understand the process, the experience becomes less intimidating for them. Her ability to read her clients is a strength that helps her to create that ‘signature’ environment for each space. Kathy received a degree in Interior Design from Brigham Young University and is a licensed and registered interior designer.


Aishwarya Bavle – Degreed Architect and Designer

Aishwarya BavleAishwarya “Ash” Bavle’s diverse background and training serves as a platform for creativity in the interior design industry. Originally from India, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in architecture in 2010. Architecture and interior design are not the only mediums through which she displays her abilities. Ash is also an artist, primarily painting oil on glass. As an artist and architect, her concept of space, style and function perfectly match our vision at Eklektik Interiors.

Regina Williams – Interior Design Assistant

Regina WilliamsRegina offers Eklektik Interiors over 20 years of Design Assistant experience. Her background in the furniture industry provides her with great expertise in her field. Regina’s knowledge of manufacturers and product keeps each design on schedule and organized. Her ethic for hard work and her pleasant nature makes her a favorite among our customers!

Andi Cook – Account Manager

Andi CookAndi has been with Eklektik Interiors since 2002. Her vision and business sense have been a vital part of Eklektik’s success. Andi ‘s ability to balance and manage the business side of our Interior Design Studio allows our designers more freedom to do what they do best…create! Andi also enjoys coordinating Eklektik Interiors advertising and has been instrumental in the expansion of our branding.

Hugo Pacheco – Shipping and Receiving Manager

Hugo PachecoHugo gives detailed attention to ensure that all furnishings and merchandise that are received by and delivered by Eklektik Interiors are correct and in perfect condition. He is genuinely kind and courteous, a demeanor appreciated by our customers and staff. His energy and amazing work ethic recharges us all!