May we help you create your space?

Eklektik Interiors captures the most current and exciting ideas in the interior design world and features high quality furnishings and design elements that inspire unique and timeless living spaces.

New Construction Specification

Eklektik Interiors specifies for both residential and commercial properties. Starting from the inception stage gives you a truly custom design.


From a simple single room update to an extensive remodel, the goal of our interior design team is to present design ideas that cater to your lifestyle and tastes while ‘stretching’ every remodeling dollar.

Custom Cabinets

Cabinets are often the most dominant element in any kitchen or bath remodel. Your cabinets create the look and feel of your room. Custom cabinets allow for a complete personalization of a room. Custom cabinets take advantage of all non-standard areas without wasting any space. The customization of cabinets adds to the value of your home.


Lighting is a vital element of any interior design. Lighting plays several important roles including functionality and mood and illusion of space. Placement as type of lighting used can be a powerful aspect of any room.

Window Treatments/Draperies

Your window treatments should complement rather than overwhelm your room. The proper treatment can create a bigger look to your window. Window treatments can protect your floors, furnishings and carpet and can insulate your room. Drapery and window treatments also provide privacy and add style and warmth.

Fine Furnishings and Home Accessories

Eklektik Interiors features fine quality furnishings and home accessories which are unique and will personalize your home to reflect you and your lifestyle.