GHBA and ASID 2014 Awards

The last two weeks have been an absolute dream for us at Eklektik Interiors. Many of you already know about our exciting time at the ASID and GHBA awards. We feel so overwhelmed (in a good way!) by all the support and congratulations that each of you have extended to us. Thank you to the greatest people that make our jobs so wonderful! For those who haven’t heard, here’s our chance to share our big news! The Greater Houston Builders Association held their 2014 Houston’s Best PRISM Awards on October 4 where the industry’s best are recognized. Kathy Anderson and the Eklektik design team were presented with three prism awards for a remodel of a private residence. The following three home remodels were selected as the 2014 GHBA winners.

Private Residence Interior Design | BATH

bath, master, bathroom, remodel, renovation, interior, design, Houston, designer, marble, freestanding, tub, chandelier, glass, shower, cabinets, modern, transitional

Private Residence Interior Design | SPECIALTY ROOM

interior, designer, design, Houston, kitchen, remodel, renovation, residence, transitional, contemporary, wood, granite

Private Residence Interior Design | FAMILY

interior, design, designer, Houston, transitional, remodel, renovation, living, room

It was an unbelievable night! To top it all off, the very next week we attended the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) 2014 Awards. Three of our residential designs won gold! The following homes are our ASID gold winners.

Residential, Large Firm | Renovation Under 3500 SF

kitchen, remodel, renovation, interior, design, designer, Houston, ASID, awards, gold, winner,

Residential, Large Firm | Renovation Over 3500 SF

interior, design, designer, Houston, ASID, kitchen, remodel, renovation, specialty, room

Residential, Large Firm | Bathroom

interior, design, designer, Houston, bathroom, bath, remodel, renovation, ASID

We would never have been able to accomplish all of this without your support and without the hard work of our amazing designers. The people of Houston and our clients have been so good to us — we know we are blessed!

Anniversary Tent Sale at Eklektik Interiors



Our anniversary sale is this Friday and Saturday! We are celebrating one year at our new location in the Heights with major markdowns. This is our biggest sale of the entire year.  Stop by the white tent on Shepherd Dr. to find luxury home furniture and accessories at a price you’ll like!

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Our Feature in Houston Design Resources

Happy May, design lovers!  We know you’ve been wanting to read more about our recent remodel (because we have too) and you’re in luck.  Houston Design Resources magazine recently featured our award-winning design; and we’re happy to share.  The article is very informational and will give you great insight into the minds of our design geniuses.  Take the time to enjoy and be inspired!  If you have any questions about this project or one of your own, leave them in the comments section below or contact us.





Know Your Interior Designer

Like we always say, developing a good relationship with your designer is the most important factor if you want to be over-the-moon happy with your finished home design.  Let’s be honest, who doesn’t?  We don’t just want you to just like us, we want you to love us enough to tell us what you’re thinking!  Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion.  This is your home and we are not here to criticize or to force our preferences on you. You are the boss! 🙂  The point of all this is that we want to know you and for you to know us.

Our design team is filled with some of the best talent in the industry.  Each of our interior designers brings something special to the table and are all super qualified to bring your design dreams to life.  You’ve already met Stephanie in a previous post.  Next up, associate yourself with one of the smartest people we know,

Sarah Brown

interior-designer, interior-decorator

I attended school close to home at Lamar University.  I received two bachelor degrees; one in Interior Design and the other in Graphic Design.  I graduated in 2007 and immediately went to work in the interior design field.  I have worked at several design firms, but I have been at Eklektik Interiors since the fall of 2010.

James and I have been married for three years on October 23, and there has not been a dull moment yet.  He works as a tankerman on a tug boat, and I am an interior designer at Eklektik Interiors.  He is gone for 20 days and home for 10 days.  When he is home we usually go boat riding, swimming or fishing on Lake Conroe.  We also hang out with friends and play cards, too.  James never meets a stranger so I am always meeting “new friends”.





We just moved into our house this summer.  I drew up a floor plan, and James built it.  The outside is complete as you can tell from the picture, but the inside is a different story.  We have one fully functional bathroom, complete bedroom, office and a halfway completed guest bedroom.  I have a temporary kitchen set up for now, but we will eventually get cabinets and new appliances.  James keeps asking where is the real silverware (technically it is in storage).  I told him, “When we get a real kitchen you can have real silverware”.  Until then, it is paper plates and plastic forks.


interior-designer, interior-decorator


James and I have different taste in styles.  He loves traditional…the more carved wood the better.  I like more transitional, clean lines, and unique pieces.  But we both love the color blue as you can tell from the outside of the house.  The inside of the house is neutral with pops of blue.


interior-designer, interior-decorator


Through the years, I have worked on many different styles.  We have been working on a lot of transitional projectsnot too heavy and cleaner lines.  I have been working on several remodel projects that are transitional, and there is never a dull moment because you never know what is behind the sheetrock.  Daniel and I usually are working together on the remodels. He has called me to come and look at what he found during demo…interesting to say the least.

Kathy and I recently won several awards in the Ferguson Design Competition for a kitchen remodel that we completed in the Houston Memorial area.  We actually remodeled the entire house (kitchen, master bathroom, master closet, powder room and secondary bathrooms), including paint and new flooring.  The master bathroom result was also fabulous!  It always feels good to help our clients see their imagination become a reality.

Romancing Your Personal Space


Happy Valentine’s Day to all!  Single or taken, there are many that dread this holiday and the big crowds that accompany it.  However, we’re hoping to shed new light by asking, “how can I use interior design to make this Valentine’s Day more enjoyable?”  Consider the following tips when spreading the love in your home.


Romancing Your Space

When thinking of your personal space, the bedroom most likely comes to mind.  Most of what follows relates to your bedroom space, but keep an open mind because many of these elements can be incorporated in any room of your home.  First, consider what “personal” means to you.  Our boundaries of personal space vary so greatly it’s hard to say that what works well for me will definitely work well for you.  Hopefully you will find these tips a helpful guide that you can then individualize for your benefit.  Key to creating a romantic space is maximizing intimacy.  Deciding on your level of intimacy in a room entails balancing elements that make you and your partner feel close and comfortable. Appealing to the senses of sight, smell, sound, and touch are most important when creating a relaxed and sensual space.  Your goal is to find a design that will reinforce the intimate nature of the room.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with different ideas, always paying close attention to subtle subconcious preferences and dislikes of both partners.


Remove all clutter from your romanctic space
.  Clutter distracts and disturbs.  Color also has a subtle, yet strong, effect on our minds.  Carefully select colors that influence your desired mood.  Be selective.  Do not include too many colors or patterns.  Less is more in romancing your space.  Remember, the design needs to help you unwind.
  Lighting is another key element to consider.  Dimmer switches are inexpensive, add drama and allow you to control the intensity of a lit space.  Lamps and candles serve as nice accent lighting and are best for amping up the romance.  A flickering candle can quickly compliment your amorous ambiance.



We would argue that smell is the most arousing sense.  A bad smell is a total turn off, so make sure there is scent present that is pleasing to all parties.  Fragranced candles can dictate the mood and aura to your personal space.  Bed linen sprays add layer and dimension to the sense of smell.  Obviously, perfumes, lotions, creams, oils and powder also contribute to the overall atmosphere of the room.  Layering of scents allows you to add depth with less intensity.  Just be careful that all scents compliment each other and do not fight or over power.


“Music calms the savage beast”.  Need I say more!
  There’s also something about bringing the great outdoors in that makes our souls smile. The sound of water can also have a calming effect. Indoor water features are a great way to incorporate natural elements into your personal space.  Or, you can opt for the less noticeable electronic sound devices that ring the soothing sounds of nature through your home.  Again, we encourage you to experiment and see what works best for you.


Bed linens, pillows, the bed and anything else within reach are extremely important.  Soft and luxurious bedding is a sure fire way to heat things up.  Let’s face it, we spend 1/3 of our lives in bed.  Life is too short to not sleep in great bedding!
  Smooth, soft and silky textures are the best.  Egyptian cotton and wood fiber sheets are the best for luxury linens.  Believe me, everyone loves great sheets!  Pillows are important because they control the final look of your bed.  Hold back on the decorative pillows.  Pillows are best when you can actually sleep on them and use in the bed.  Too many pillows can frustrate and ruin the mood!  Ten pillows later and you’re still removing pillows…why bother?  The bed should always be in the commanding position of the room with accessibility on three sides.  There should be nightstands on both sides, anchoring the positioning of the bed.  The bedroom is for sleep and intimacy.  No one should come into your room without your invitation.  There should be no distractions such as workout equipment, TVs (we can hope), computers, or anything that reminds you of work.  Being socially distracted in the bedroom is a complete buzzkill to the mood you’ve worked so hard to create!



Even though these tips are primarily directed to the bedroom, several of these ideas can also be related to other areas of the home where you spend time with loved ones.  In reality, personal space can include any place that promotes relaxation, rejuvenation, and reconnection with those closest to you.  Romancing your interior design this Valentine’s Day is something that can be enjoyed by all members of your family.  Simplify your rooms as well as your life.  Be sure to give yourself the time and space needed to reconnect.  Whatever your plans this Valentine’s Day, we hope you find fun ways to express love to the people who are most important to you while enjoying the place you call home!

Eklektik's Award Winning Interior Designers



Join us in saying CONGRATULATIONS to Kathy Anderson and the rest of our Eklektik Design team! Recently, we submitted photos of an Eklektik kitchen and bath design (pictured in this post) to the Ferguson/Kohler/Thermador 2013 Design Competition… and we won in several categories!

Below is a list of the categories our submission won, as well as a description of that category. 

interior-designers, interior-decorator, interior-designer

Because we won “Best of the Best”, our project will be featured in Houston Design Resources 2014 Spring issue.  If you aren’t already subscribed to Houston Design Resources magazine, make sure you pick up their spring issue!

We feel lucky to be working with the best interior designers and decorators. An Eklektik Interiors design will always be reflective of the homeowner and not the designer. All we do as designers is help you discover your signature style. If you can dream it, we can bring it to life! Don’t delay homeowner happiness any longer. Speak with one of our award-winning designers. 



Video Home Tours | Modern Interior Design

We understand that coming to the decision of whether or not to use an interior designer can be complicated and stressful. That is why we strive for transparency in our designer-homeowner relationships. Clarity, especially in communication, is key to your home happiness. It is important to feel comfortable with and to know your designer!

To get to know us better, we’re hoping you’ll take a look at our home video tours. An idea or two may even spark for your dream interiors.

Get an inside look at one of our latest home interior projects, completed by Stephanie Vaughan and Kathy Anderson, in downtown Houston’s Montrose area.

A young couple came to us at Eklektik Interiors looking for a timeless look in their brand new home. We focused on the chair fabric they had chosen, working around that for color and texture in their open concept Montrose town home.  The golden yellow and earth tones highlight the dark wood floors and bring charm and elegance to their first home.  We softened the large balcony window with solar shades and a fabulous color blocked panel flanking a significant cornice above.  The end result was a success because they loved it. Congratulations Matt and Margaret!

Contact us today to just talk about plans you have for your home. We want you to be prepared and educated, so don’t be shy to ask us your questions. Call today!

I'm Dreaming of an Eklektik Christmas


We are a week away from the big day! The day we spend months shopping, decorating and preparing for… Christmas! It’s easy to get caught up in the craziness of life that sometimes we think, “Where has this month gone?” If this is you, and you’re still trying to put the finishing touches on your home Christmas decor, we hope you will think to come to Eklektik!

Every year we pride ourselves on supplying some of the best quality Christmas decorations and accessories. Trust me when I say, a little bit of high quality product from Eklektik goes a long way. For example, here is a bansiter in a small apartment that is decorated with product from Eklektik Interiors. Would you believe that the garland is just one piece? Nothing added – how easy is that?

Beautiful products at a quality matched by few is what we strive to have at all times on our showroom floor. It helps us keep things simple and sophisticated, which is so refreshing at this time of year!

interior-designer, Christmas

Here’s a peek at some other goodies you’ll be able to find under the Eklektik Christmas tree! Keep in mind, our Christmas is now 60% off.

This beautiful tree was decorated by our favorite, Nann Pettey! She is so amazing!

interior-designer, decorator, Christmas

Metallic frosted poinsettias and pineconesinterior-designer, decorator, Christmas

Gemstone twig picks
interior-designer, decorator, Christmas

Gemstone twig picks and Gold glittered leaf picksinterior-designer, decorator, Christmas


5 foot iced tallow berry garlandinterior-designer, decorator, Christmas


Icicles and Bells berry garlandinterior-designer, decorator, Christmas

interior-designer, decorator, Christmas

Chandelier with cedar willowinterior-designer, decorator, Christmas

If you’re looking for ideas for this year or want to do something new for the next, come pay us a visit!

Happy Holidays, y’all!

Get to Know Our Designers

We have a few new members on our dynamic interior design team! For the next few months we’ll be featuring each of our new designers on Eklektik’s blog. We believe designer-client relationships are vital to homeowner happiness. Get to know our interior designers by hearing from them here!

First up, we introduce you to Stephanie Vaughan

interior-designer, interior-decorator

interior-designer interior-designer

Hello my name is Stephanie Vaughan. I am a single Mom of two beautiful, talented and artistic daughters.  One is in college and the other is in 4th grade. I am an artist, interior designer, cyclist, yogi and obsessed with tango dancing. I love spending time outdoors riding my road bike or indoors in a hot yoga studio on my mat. My favorite time of the year is fall, I love the colors and the smells of the holiday season and especially the weather. Living in Houston, we don’t have many days in the year to enjoy wearing our cozy sweaters and boots.



I grew up in Beaumont, Texas in a blue collar family with a younger sister. Although I have always been an artist, I didn’t really embrace this facet of myself until my 30’s. I had the awesome opportunity to live on a sailboat for about 4 years travelling the Bahamas and the Caribbean where I took a break for about a year in Puerto Rico. Eventually, I traveled back north to the Abacos, Bahamas where I designed and built my first house. It was quite thrilling to do this on a remote out island in a foreign country where just about everything had to be shipped over from the states then ferried over from the main island. While I lived there I also created artwork from found objects on the beaches and sold them to many global island visitors.


When I moved back to the states, I accidentally wound up in the information technology field. I excelled as a network administrator and enjoyed a management position with an international nutraceutical company, but my passion always lead me to the more creative side of even this. I taught myself how to make websites and graphic software as well as Microsoft Office applications when they were so very new to the world. This experience helped me tremendously in school recently where I earned my first degree as an interior designer. Having a proficient understanding of how computers work and the applications that work with them is proving to be very beneficial to the world of design.


A few years ago I built another house here in Houston. Having more options and selections available to build my dream home was almost overwhelming. However, being able to maintain the integrity of the vision and the quality of finishes for the final product wasn’t that difficult for me. It gave me even more validation and insight into my true purpose and vocation, hence a career in design.

Now I am working with an exciting and chaotic crew of talented women at Eklektik Interiors in Houston, Texas where my days are filled with ideas, creativity, solutions and gratification. I consider myself lucky to have finally found my path in life and that it includes this fast paced roller coaster ride with Eklektik.


“Creating an experience within a dwelling, whether it be a residential home or commercial business space, is the main focus of my design process. By using techniques such as visual mapping, lean design strategies and thorough client programming, a total living experience is accomplished through design. The unfolding of the design comes through an organic relationship between client and designer and it is one that will last a lifetime.” -Stephanie