GHBA and ASID 2014 Awards

The last two weeks have been an absolute dream for us at Eklektik Interiors. Many of you already know about our exciting time at the ASID and GHBA awards. We feel so overwhelmed (in a good way!) by all the support and congratulations that each of you have extended to us. Thank you to the greatest people that make our jobs so wonderful! For those who haven’t heard, here’s our chance to share our big news! The Greater Houston Builders Association held their 2014 Houston’s Best PRISM Awards on October 4 where the industry’s best are recognized. Kathy Anderson and the Eklektik design team were presented with three prism awards for a remodel of a private residence. The following three home remodels were selected as the 2014 GHBA winners.

Private Residence Interior Design | BATH

bath, master, bathroom, remodel, renovation, interior, design, Houston, designer, marble, freestanding, tub, chandelier, glass, shower, cabinets, modern, transitional

Private Residence Interior Design | SPECIALTY ROOM

interior, designer, design, Houston, kitchen, remodel, renovation, residence, transitional, contemporary, wood, granite

Private Residence Interior Design | FAMILY

interior, design, designer, Houston, transitional, remodel, renovation, living, room

It was an unbelievable night! To top it all off, the very next week we attended the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) 2014 Awards. Three of our residential designs won gold! The following homes are our ASID gold winners.

Residential, Large Firm | Renovation Under 3500 SF

kitchen, remodel, renovation, interior, design, designer, Houston, ASID, awards, gold, winner,

Residential, Large Firm | Renovation Over 3500 SF

interior, design, designer, Houston, ASID, kitchen, remodel, renovation, specialty, room

Residential, Large Firm | Bathroom

interior, design, designer, Houston, bathroom, bath, remodel, renovation, ASID

We would never have been able to accomplish all of this without your support and without the hard work of our amazing designers. The people of Houston and our clients have been so good to us — we know we are blessed!

Transitional Remodel: Before and After

Just wanted to give you all a little peek at how much talent our designers bring to the interior design world.  I mean, they are really good.  This outdated traditional home was transformed into a transitional masterpiece that our clients absolutely loved.  You would never know it was even the same home! It’s no wonder Kathy, Sarah and the rest of our design team won ‘Best of the Best’ and several other awards for this home in Ferguson/Kohler/Thermador’s 2013 Design Competition.




living room, before, remodel, transitional

living room, remodel, transitional, before









Stay tuned for more before and afters of this awesome remodel!  And if you’ve been considering a home remodel, hopefully this will help you decide to work with us.  Even if your remodel plans are on a smaller scale, we would love to help you through the whole process.  There are several ways to get started.  You can contact us or you can send us your information if you’re interested in scheduling an appointment or signing up for our free design Fridays.  We hope to work with you soon!

Beauty By Nature

We strive to bring a unique blend of styles to our designs that are inspired by exciting looks and our travels to the most interesting locales in the world.  International flair is definitely one of our strengths and we feel that appreciating cultural beauty is vital to mastering interior design.  Added to that, we demand the highest quality workmanship and materials that will endure and provide you, our clients, with satisfaction and memories for generations.  In more basic terms, if we love it you can guarantee it’s a good product!

It is no secret then that we love traveling the world to find unique pieces. However, we didn’t have to go far to find this spectacular Pacific Green living room piece at market — it came to us.  We are so excited that it is now on our showroom floor.  Imagine the most comfortable seat that has ever touched your tush and multiple it by 1 million — that is how heavenly this chair is!  I imagine this is God’s throne.  Am I exaggerating?  You will just have to come by and test it out for yourself.

living, room, interior, designer

Let us introduce you to the genius behind Pacific Green.  Since the ’70s they have been ambassadors for responsible design and manufacturing.  In their efforts to find a sustainable replacement for forest timber in furniture design, they discovered the durability of coconut palm trees and the world’s first factory dedicated to coconut palm was born in Fiji.  They continue to educate on and promote cultural and environmental awareness, all while endorsing beauty and sophistication.

To learn more about their story and products visit Pacific Green.

Being eco-friendly and “going green” has been a higher priority for many homeowners.  If you’re not sure where to begin on your journey to save the planet, let us be your guide.  Our designers are highly qualified to advise you on interior design decisions, big or small, that can turn your home from mean to green.  Be a superhero and contact us!

Repurpose, Recycle and Redo in Remodels

We want you to get the most out of your home, which often means repurposing your existing space. Keep reading  to get ideas from Kathy, owner and principal interior designer, on how to repurpose, recycle and redo to refresh your interior design!

Repurpose: it’s the new buzz word! But what does it mean? Webster states “to give a new purpose or use.” Although the word “repurpose” was added to Webster’s dictionary in 1984, people have been “repurposing” since the beginning of time. It’s so fun to find new uses for things that we love or that are great finds. With a little creativity we can make them our own. As the saying goes, “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure”. However, without a critical eye it could still be “junk”. BE CAREFUL! There is a BIG difference between repurposing and HOARDING! Not everything is worth repurposing. Be critical and if it has been sitting there for over a year, TOSS IT, or donate to your local charity. You are not going to get it done. Just let it go!

Recycle: in the age of “green,” we are more aware of what we discard and what we could reuse/repurpose. Our landfills are filling up! What can we do to help? When you are cleaning out and reassessing your items for a new look, some things can be given a totally new look if we are creative and think “outside” the box. THINK BEFORE YOU THROW!!

Redo: moving some items from one area of your home to another can give you a totally new look with no cost involved. Groupings of varying sizes of art on one wall can make the space interesting. In contrast, a lot of small art scattered around does not tend to attract the eye. When moving things around in your home, always try to complete the look of one room, even if that means that some rooms may seem incomplete. At least you have one room that you can feel good about before attacking another.


• When buying unique pieces of furniture, make sure they are used as accent pieces. Too many different styles in your living room, or any other space, especially antique or retro pieces can look like “garage sale” if you are not careful.

• Antique furniture should be in good shape. If not, take the time to fix them. Furniture falling apart definitely looks junky. A quick clean and fixer upper will give you the look you are wanting. If they are wood and the wood is not of great quality, paint is an option. Be careful though, sometimes the “worn look” is great and paint can cheapen the look.

• Old sports equipments (bats, badminton, racquets, croquet sets, wooden snow skis, fishing poles, lures, fishing nets, snow sleds, etc.) are great accessories on the walls and can give a room a fun feel with a lot of personality.

• Use old street signs, building signs, vintage posters, address numbers, old mailboxes, car license plates… it’s limitless! Just make sure they make sense as a group.

• Old burlap sacks, flour sacks, linen sacks are great for upholstery or bedding. Nothing compares to that true worn look.

• Antique candlesticks of various sizes and shapes grouped together for your tablescape or your mantle or bookcase. Just a side note, never put a candlestick where it can’t be used!

• Old doors or window shutters hung on the wall can give the illusion of a window where none exists. Old baking tools (baguette boards, pizza boards) and antique wooden rakes can all give a great architectural feel to a wall. Very eclectic and interesting is the look you are going for. Don’t overdo it. I prefer to work in odd numbers when I group. Asymmetrical is more interesting. Symmetrical will work best when flanking an item.

• Saved wine corks make great backsplashes in wine rooms.

These are just a few ides. Have fun. Be creative, but always be aware that what you do looks unique and makes sense for you. Too many “fabulous” things in one area can become an “overload”!

Reupholstery: What To Consider

Furniture reupholstery has always been a service that we’ve offered at Eklektik Interiors. Whether you have a chair, bar stools, valance, or sofa we have one of the largest resource rooms in the area full of fabrics for you to choose from. We also have a designer or our design assistants on hand if you need assistance picking your new upholstery fabric.

If reupholstering a piece is something you’ve been thinking about, here are a few things to take into consideration before you commit:

DON’T reupholster furniture yourself! The folks on the “do-it-yourself programs” may make it seem easy, but remember, they’re professionals! If you want your furniture to look good, you’re better off trusting someone who knows exactly what they’re doing.


Take cost into consideration. The price depends on what piece you choose to reupholster, what fabric you choose, and the price of labor. If you have a chair with classic lines that’s been passed down to you, it’s probably worth keeping and worth reupholstering rather than purchasing a new one. Most of the time, many older pieces were handcrafted and built to last versus being factory manufactured. Or you may have stumbled upon a great find at a garage sale, resale shop, or antique store. For the great price of the chair’s frame, it’s worth repurposing it to make it yours. Pieces with a main frame, like a chair (especially one that’s wood-exposed) or a bar stool will last throughout the years and reupholstery is worth looking into.

Now, unless you’re absolutely IN LOVE with your sofa, it’s typically better to custom order a new one. This is because you’ll probably need at LEAST 15-20 yards of fabric for an average-sized sofa, and on top of the price of the upholstery fabric, which can range anywhere from $50 to $150 a yard, you’ll probably need new cushions and pillows, plus the cost of labor. The total bill for your new reupholstered sofa could be $1,500-$3,500 and up. Considering the cost, you might be better off purchasing a fresh new sofa.


Make sure the fabric you choose is upholstery weight. There are thousands of beautiful fabrics out there to pick from, but only certain fabrics are made specifically for upholstery items. So, be sure to check with someone who is familiar with fabric weights and grades before you go covering your furniture in something made for windows and bedding instead.


Choose a fun fabric! Don’t be afraid to go bold with your upholstery. Since you will likely be recovering a chair, barstool, or valance, they are small enough pieces that it won’t overwhelm the space if you pick something a little on the funkier side. Choose a bright complementary color to the colors you’re already working with in the room or a bold print – have it make a statement!

These tips are food for thought. If you have more specific questions, feel free to come in and speak to one of our designers at Eklektik Interiors. We’d be happy to help point you in the right directions!

Enjoy your week!

Interior Design Style: Eclectic

Whether you’re an interior design client or searching for a piece on Eklektik’s showroom floor, a question you will be asked is, “What is your style?” Some know exactly what interior design style they are looking for, while others are not sure where to begin. And it’s perfectly ok not to know – that’s why we’re here to help guide you in your design experience.

On our blog, we will be featuring different styles on our Design Style Series. We’ll help you define each style and become more familiar with the design terms. Also, we’ll help introduce and guide you toward the style that creatively expresses your individuality.

The design styles will be in no particular order, but the first one we’ll touch on is ECLECTIC. This is the style from which Eklektik Interiors derives its namesake and it’s a good style to start this series because so many people have an eclectic style… without even realizing it. For example, you might lean toward one style, like traditional, modern, or rustic, but find yourself throwing in complementary, yet contrasting, elements to break up the overall look of the room. That’s eclectic, and it gives your home an appealing variety versus having too much of one look – making the room seem matchy-matchy or dull.

The word “eclectic” means “the best of various styles.” So, to have an eclectic-style home you would blend furniture styles, colors, line, etc. But, contrary to common belief, being eclectic is not just throwing a hodgepodge of things together in a room and hoping for the best – actually, it’s quite the opposite. The art of having an eclectic style is finding such as, line, texture, color, pattern, finish, or shape. There needs to be a consistent element to tie everything in the room together harmoniously so the room makes sense. For example, one popular theme used in many eclectic rooms is CONTRAST in material, colors, and finishes.

Other eclectic elements might include:

• Neutral background color palettes
• Antiques (used in moderation)!
• Unique, one of a kind items
• Pieces from around the world or from world travels
• Traditional and Modern elements joined together
• Distressed surfaces combined with refined surfaces

The eclectic style is a sure way to capture your unique look. When it’s done right, it creates an interesting and beautiful living environment!