GHBA and ASID 2014 Awards

The last two weeks have been an absolute dream for us at Eklektik Interiors. Many of you already know about our exciting time at the ASID and GHBA awards. We feel so overwhelmed (in a good way!) by all the support and congratulations that each of you have extended to us. Thank you to the greatest people that make our jobs so wonderful! For those who haven’t heard, here’s our chance to share our big news! The Greater Houston Builders Association held their 2014 Houston’s Best PRISM Awards on October 4 where the industry’s best are recognized. Kathy Anderson and the Eklektik design team were presented with three prism awards for a remodel of a private residence. The following three home remodels were selected as the 2014 GHBA winners.

Private Residence Interior Design | BATH

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Private Residence Interior Design | SPECIALTY ROOM

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Private Residence Interior Design | FAMILY

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It was an unbelievable night! To top it all off, the very next week we attended the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) 2014 Awards. Three of our residential designs won gold! The following homes are our ASID gold winners.

Residential, Large Firm | Renovation Under 3500 SF

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Residential, Large Firm | Renovation Over 3500 SF

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Residential, Large Firm | Bathroom

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We would never have been able to accomplish all of this without your support and without the hard work of our amazing designers. The people of Houston and our clients have been so good to us — we know we are blessed!

Transitional Remodel: Before and After

Our designers waged a full fledged war on this recent transitional remodel. The master bath was completed gutted and reconstructed. As you will see below, the results are quite astonishing. It is amazing how much you can do with the space you already own – sometimes it just means having a broader vision, a little patience and some remodeling muscle! We hope you enjoy this transitional transformation as much as we and our homeowners have. If you are considering an interior update, it is always best to speak with one of our designers. Seeking professional advice can make all the difference in making or breaking your time and budget.

Take a look at the before and after photos of this remodel. The improved and modernized master bath flaunts an Aquatica Purescape freestanding tub. The tile from LaNova reflects crisp whites and cool grays to contrast the dark wood cabinets and framed mirrored closets. Most importantly, our homeowners were happy!



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Video Home Tours | Transitional Interior Design

We understand that coming to the decision of whether or not to use an interior designer can be complicated and stressful. That is why we strive for transparency in our designer-homeowner relationships. Clarity, especially in communication, is key to your home happiness. It is important to feel comfortable with and to know your designer!

To get to know us better, we’re hoping you’ll take a look at our home video tours. An idea or two may even spark for your own dream interiors.

Kathy shares all of the details in one of our completed interior projects in the Woodlands, TX.

This particular homeowner came to us at Eklektik Interiors looking for some bling! We envisioned a glamorous, yet sophisticated, look and brought that to life through warm colors and rich textures. Our most dramatic element of this project is obviously the gold leafing in the entryway – a sure way to wow guests. The end result of this design was a happy homeowner. If you’re happy, we’re happy!

Contact us today to just talk about plans you have for your home. We want you to be prepared and educated, so don’t be shy to ask us your questions. Call today!

Transitional Remodel: Before and After

Just wanted to give you all a little peek at how much talent our designers bring to the interior design world.  I mean, they are really good.  This outdated traditional home was transformed into a transitional masterpiece that our clients absolutely loved.  You would never know it was even the same home! It’s no wonder Kathy, Sarah and the rest of our design team won ‘Best of the Best’ and several other awards for this home in Ferguson/Kohler/Thermador’s 2013 Design Competition.




living room, before, remodel, transitional

living room, remodel, transitional, before









Stay tuned for more before and afters of this awesome remodel!  And if you’ve been considering a home remodel, hopefully this will help you decide to work with us.  Even if your remodel plans are on a smaller scale, we would love to help you through the whole process.  There are several ways to get started.  You can contact us or you can send us your information if you’re interested in scheduling an appointment or signing up for our free design Fridays.  We hope to work with you soon!

Transitional and Eclectic Design: Why are they the hot trends?

Hey All,

What you really want to know is what are the new trends? Where is the look going?

I have to say that clean lines, classic design, bright fresh colors, are all the rage. “Transitional” and “eclectic” (don’t you just LOVE that word!) are definitely what’s in and happening now. I have explained “eclectic” in a previous blog and now let’s talk “transitional.”

“Transitional” is simply a look between traditional and contemporary. Basically, a cleaned up look of traditional – sleeker lines and not as much carving as your typical traditional look. It’s much easier, simpler, more classic, and comfortable than some of the heavy traditional/Mediterranean/Tuscan looks.

How can you update your home to the new look without totally redoing your space?

Let me just say right here, that we have always stayed true to our name of “EKLEKTIK”! We have brought all different kinds of designs to our showroom. From rustic, shabby chic, modern, balinese, tuscan, traditional, contemporary, and everything in between. In the past we have actually scared some people away thinking that we were going strictly contemporary… NOT TRUE!!! We are and will always be EKLEKTIK! We bring in the newest, best, unique, one-of-a kind, and most fashion-forward items that we can find! Believe me, I LOOK!

That being said, I do realize that we sometimes go “outside the box” for some people, but isn’t that what we are here for? To expand your mind and get your creative juices going to constantly re-evaluate your space, your lifestyle, and your taste!

I have had some of our best clientelle say to me, “You are going contemporary and I am not contemporary.” Well, even your true traditionalist can step outside the box and create a space like no other and stay true to their style and update at the same time.

For instance, pop some great color in an otherwise brown/drab room. Contemporary art is fantastic in a real traditional setting. It creates interest and give a new feel to a space where nothing else has really changed. You would be surprised what that one simple addition can do.

If you have a lot of small traditional art, group them into one large look. Maybe even around a large contemporary mirror. Move things around. Simplify the area that you have. When it is time to add a new piece to your space, go for a more updated version – cleaner lines, classic design, maybe even a mirrored piece.

Look through design magazines (current ones); they will give you a real indication of what is happening and where you can mix styles. Hire a professional, even if it is just for an hour or two. Believe me, it is well worth the investment.

And, ok, I may be going out on a limb here, but there is one thing that I have noticed in a lot of the homes that I go into – florals – lots of florals! Now, I am ok with florals, BUT, in moderation! It seems that if you don’t know what to do with a space, “Let’s just put a floral there,” mentality takes over. There should not be more than one major piece per room. Even now the look is really more natural and not so contrived! They should look real and natural – a just picked look, if you will.

Also, if you have 4 or more florals in a room, simplify! One great natural look in a simple vase with maybe a simple floral on a side table is really all you need. Also, if they haven’t been cleaned or re-done in over a year, DO IT!!! There is nothing worse than tired, dirty, faded florals. Just a side note here, when entertaining, use fresh when at all possible.

For now I will leave you to think about what has been said and I will return with more ideas of new trends and great ideas for you to help you in your quest for “Creating a beautiful environment for exceptional living!”

Till then, “Live beautifully!”